Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Blog on the D-List

I'm a secret Kathy Griffin fan.  I'm closeted because of her way of saying things... how should I put it?  Well, things that would make your grandmother's hair stand up.  But I love her straight-faced humor and acid tongue.  I think we all sometimes wish we could just lay it on the line and get honest like she does, although that kind of behavior isn't likely to win friends or influence anybody.

Anyway...  I was watching Kathy's show, My Life on the D-List.  It was the episode where she's trying to broaden her fan base by appealing to the younger crowd.  Who better to mentor her than Paris Hilton?  (Yes, there's some sarcasm there.)  Seriously though, if you want your photo in the mags then you can't go wrong by being Paris' gal pal.  And in case you didn't hear the news: Paris has ditched her catch-phrase "That's hot" and replaced it with "That's huge."

As a mother of a teenage girl I can relate to the need to be in touch with the younger crowd.  I definitely want to be the parent and not a friend but that doesn't mean I have to wear mom-jeans or be out of touch with what's popular. Like today for example: I took my daughter to the hair salon and she brought along her friend.  When we found out her cut and color was going to take about two hours I decided to take her friend to the food court to kill some time.  I was trying to think of conversation starters.  The obvious go-to topic was of course school and what's her favorite subject and does she like her teachers.  Then I decided I should try a different approach.  Kids don't want to talk about school.  (For that matter, at 13 they don't want to be called kids.  They're teens.)  So I asked this teenager who she was routing for on American Idol.  This was a huge risk, and I don't mean huge in a that's-hot kind of way, I mean big.  I don't follow AI.  I was planning on bluffing my way through but I got lucky.  She doesn't watch AI either.  She does watch 16 and Pregnant.  Hit!  I watch that show too!  Normally I detest MTV but any show that accurately depicts what life after a baby is like is a show I can get behind. 

Kathy Griffin likes to make self-deprecating jokes about being a D-list celebrity.  I wonder if there was a Mom-list what my ranking would be.  I'm thinking A-list.  Did I mention that my daughter's bill at the salon today was a whopping $166 with tip?  And I bought her New Moon the day it was released.  Plus, I can hold my own in a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate.

As a writer, I'm not on any list.  I don't even have a D-list blog yet.  But one can always hope.  And that would totally be huge.

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