Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Breakdown

Spring break has officially started for my 13 year-old DD.  For her it's a break from school and teachers and homework and tests.  For me it's more like a breakdown.  A breakdown of the routines I work so hard to establish.  And a nervous breakdown if I'm not careful.

Silly me.  As a SAHM I try and plan fun things for her and her friends to do.  But what does a teenager want to do?  Whatever they feel like at any given moment.  Mine in particular thrives on spontaneity.   For her, planning for the future is deciding what she wants for dinner. 

I can tell already this coming week will be filled with a parade of children running in and out for drinks of water and requests for chauffeur services.  The snacks I bought on sale at Fry's probably won't last through Wednesday.  That's a bummer because when there's no chips in the cupboard I get the long sigh and, "Mom, I'm hungry."  That's a call to action, not a statement by the way.

Oh well.  Secretly, I like having the house all the kids come to.  I know my daughter's friends and I can keep an eye on them.  I'm just looking forward to my break after Spring Break is over.  But I did get some R&R today... I got a pedicure.  For me it's about the awesome massage chairs and the sea salt.  I don't really care about the color.  Although today I got It's Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink.  Very cute.

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