Friday, January 8, 2010

We've Got a Strange Magic

In my last post I mentioned the song "Strange Magic." My DH doesn't like it. He doesn't like most of my favorite music and vice versa. He's eclectic and I'm esoteric. He's Pink Floyd and I'm Neil Diamond. We often joke that eHarmony would never pair us together if uploading our iPod playlist was part of the match criteria.

He loves Circle K coffee and in my book if it's not Starbucks, it's not coffee. Skydiving is on his bucket list. I'd rather kick the bucket than skydive. He's a night owl and I like to get up early. For him, orange juice without pulp isn't orange juice at all. For me, the pulp is a choking hazard. He likes to rough it outdoors and I love my creature comforts. He enjoys public speaking and I get nervous when I have the floor in big groups, even with just friends and family.  He's not committed to any religious beliefs and I'm a born-again Christian. Last presidential election we were Obama and McCain. I'll let you guess who was which.
It's amazing how compatible we are with as many differences as we have. But we go together like peanut butter and jelly. (For that matter, we're both smooth, not crunchy, but he's strawberry and I'm grape. He's white and I'm wheat.)

So how did we get together? He says it was a fortuitous accident. I say it was divine intervention. How do we make our relationship work? I think it's because what attracts us to each other isn't what we like to eat, what we think on a particular issue, or our favorite pastimes. Among many things, I'm attracted to his intelligence, loyalty, and sense of humor. I like to think he's attracted to my creativity, morality, and playfulness. Together we are better. Separate, he's slow to anger and I have a short fuse. Together, he keeps me calm and I tell him when to say enough is enough.

Some things are just inseparable. What's an Oreo without the milk? A make-up without a kiss? Calvin without Hobbes? Hide without seek? Forgiving without forgetting? Where there is salt you will find pepper. Where there is Luke, you will find me. And it's pretty much hearts and flowers.

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